Diligent, Accountable, Authentic & Sincere

Faithfulness Builds Trust. Trust forges friendship, and friendships that are nurtured last a lifetime. At Purebred Ragdolls, we continually pursue the highest standards – in breeding and in our partnerships with breeders and pet owners. It’s who we are.

Friendly, Caring,
Reliable & Fun

Happy People, Help People. No matter what question you have, or how hard you think it may be to find a solution, we will always be there to support you. We love what we do here at Purebred Ragdolls. Our hope is that “you’ll love it too!”

Still Learning &
Willing to Share

Everyday we learn more about these adorable creatures—from those with more experience and from each of our boys and girls. And, everything we learn, we share, to enhance the entire community of breeders and owners alike.

Every care is taken to give your new best friend the very best start to life.

Physical &
Social Development


  • A complete balanced scientifically formulated diet.
  • Exercise in large open spaces.
  • Play with other kittens.
  • Time to run, jump, play & wrestle.
  • Learn to use scratching posts.
  • Learn to use litter trays.
  • Familiarization with water through regular bathing.
Cognitive &
Emotional Development


  • Explore large spaces and solve simple problems.
  • Cuddle, snuggle, climb & play.
  • Learn to stay calm in loud & hectic environments.
  • Build resilience and tolerance through interaction with children.
  • Learn to trust through interaction with caring adults.
Medical reviews &
Preventative action

Care Plan

  • Genetic screening of parents for PKD, HCM and ten other genetic disorders.
  • Blood screening of parents for FIV, FeLV and other communicable disease.
  • Preventative treatment for Fleas, Mites & Lice.
  • Preventative treatment for Heart Worm.
  • Preventative treatment for Hookworm & Roundworm.
  • Vet Checks & 1st Vaccination.
  • Microchipping.
  • Desexing of pets by qualified surgeon.